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How To Create A Landing Page Using The 140Plus Template In 6 Easy Steps

Example 140Plus Landing Page

A landing page is any page on the web where traffic is sent specifically to prompt a certain action or result. Driving traffic to your landing page is only one small part of the conversion process! Once a visitor arrives at your page, you’ve got to let your copywriting skills shine!

But if you’re just getting started as an online entrepreneur, or if you’re simply not yet comfortable creating your own landing pages, below you will find step-by-step instructions for creating a landing page based the free 140Plus landing page template that you can begin using right away!


Step 1: Login to the 140plus.com site

Navigate to the http://140plus.com site and click the Sign In With Twitter button.


Step 2: Select the 140Plus Salesletter Theme

After signing in and authorizing on Twitter, if you haven't already activated the Salesletter theme for your 140Plus account, navigate to your 140Plus dashboard Settings: http://140plus.com/acct/settings Under Theme, select the Salesletter option.  Then click the Save button at the bottom of the page. To save the settings.


Step 3: Click the Create a New Page button

Start a new page: http://140plus.com/acct/new

Give the page a title appropriate to your landing page.


Step 4: Grab and Paste the free 140Plus Landing Page Template HTML

Click this link to open the template source in a new browser window: 140Plus Landing Page Template Source

Select the HTML code shown and Copy it (Control-C)

On the New Page window, in the editor text area, click the Source button, then paste the copied HTML into the window. 

Click the Source button again to return to the visual editor mode.


Step 5: Customize the Landing Page

Here the 140Plus visual editor is your new best friend. Use the visual WTSIWYG editor to customize the page, using the template content itself as a guide.


Step 6: Publish Your Custom Landing Page

Click the Preview button and then click the Publish button - click the Edit button if you need to make any additional changes to the page before publishing.


It's as easy as that! Viola. Your page has been published with its own unique url with a shorten-link also automatically created and published to your Twitter feed.